Advantages of ProBlen

All HGH products are not the same! Judge for yourself which HGH product is the best. Pro-Net is the premier retailer/wholesaler of HGH products that are backed with 100% money back guarantee.

Currently, there are 7 independent test results published on oral HGH products; the test data is listed on the consumer watchdog site, Anti-Aging Information Center ( It is summarized below:

Independent Test Results

Brand % HGH increase Duration Cost
Pro-Net's ProBlen Pharmacy HGH 160.5 150 days $44.95
Nu-Spring 105.8 16-161 days $119.95
Regenesis 82.8 27-192 days $59.95
Pro-hGH 57.06 1-21 days $135.00
Rejuvamin 56.8 Not Listed $69.90
Eden GH-1 44.09 26-182 days $125.00
BioGevity 41 Up to 26 weeks $85.00

Pro-Net's formula is nearing the completion of a 12-month double-blind placebo controlled trial on their homeopathic growth hormone products. No other manufacturer has undertaken such a study.

The final results will be published at the end of the year. However, preliminary 5-month data are very encouraging. There were significant increases in energy, sense of well-being and sleep patterns.

Based on these early 5-month results, Pro-Net has the highest increase in HGH levels of all products - 160%. Pro-Net believes that the effectiveness of any HGH product is proven by its documented test results - nothing else matters, we hope you agree. The test results published above are the 5th month study results. It is not known if the final increases in HGH levels will vary from the 5th month values.

Homeopathics are gentle, safe and very effective, with little chance of side effects, compared to the various reactions of the molecular (injectable) GH.

  • Growth Hormone is natural to the body. It is secreted by the pituitary gland. A person who uses homeopathic GH is not taking a material that is foreign to the body.
  • Medical studies show that small amounts of GH taken at frequent intervals works better, and that is one of the basic principles of homeopathy.
  • The homeopathic form of GH does not interfere with any other remedy, supplement or medicine that an individual might take.
  • Liquid is far superior to tablets because it is easier to use, penetrates faster and more thoroughly.
  • Homeopathic GH is more readily available and easier to use than injections. Homeopathic GH is much less expensive than molecular GH, which can cost hundreds of dollars per month.
  • The homeopathic form of GH should gently encourage the pituitary gland to release and supplement GH and balance the body. This is called homeostasis.
  • According to homeopathic principles, the succession process actually makes the GH potent, or dynamic, so it is even more bio-active in the body. The homeopathic process energizes any elements that are produced in this manner!
  • The homeopathic theory of dilution and succession teaches that molecules can penetrate the cells more easily.
  • Top quality homeopathic products are checked for purity both at the beginning and the end of the manufacturing process, thus assuring quality.
  • No homeopathic remedy since the inception of homeopathy in the 1800s has ever been recalled because it harmed someone.
  • Homeopathics are safe, effective and gentle, and a FDA ruling 1938 is a testament to these features. The FDA has no "official" opinion on the efficacy of homeopathics, only its safety, ingredients and purity.
  • The pituitary gland excretes GH at certain times, especially during the first 90 minutes of sleep. The body also times the release of GH. Molecular GH has to be injected at certain times to try and mimic the GH pulsing. Since Homeopathic GH is serially diluted, and potentized at successive levels, it acts as a "time release" agent. It doesn't matter when you take the homeopathic version. If a person wishes to take GH at other than the suggested times they could still get very good results.
  • Homeopathic factors continue working in the body, even when a person does not take them every day.
  • Homeopathic research seems to show that it creates gentle, positive chain reactions, which promote general health.