ProBlen Multi-Plus

Multi-Plus was developed as a dietary supplement to support overall health. It acts as a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, anti-oxidant and anti-aging supplement.

This truly is the multi-vitamin everyone should be taking.

This unique blend of ingredients covers all bases of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, hormones, adaptogens and fatty acids per day. In addition to the normal vitamins and minerals, this formulation contains ingredients not commonly found in any other product of this nature.

Suggested Dosage and Administration
Four tablets daily with a full glass of water
Suggested Use
Take four tablest daily with a full glass of water preferably after a meal.
How Supplied
Supplied in bottles of 120 tablets.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. This product is stable and maintains potency under normal conditions for at least two years.

Ingredients, Amounts, and How The Ingredients Work

Ingredient Amount How The Ingredients Work
N-Acetyl-Cysteine 20mg Anti-Oxidant/Detox/Anti-Aging
Lipoic Acid 10mg Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Aging
Vitamin E 200 IU Anti-oxidant for cell membranes, RBC's, fats, lipiproteins
Vitamin C 500 mg Anti-oxidant, bones, teeth, collagen & blood vessel health
Selenium .2mg Anti-Oxidant
l-Taurine 200 mg Detox
l-Cysteine 100mg Detox
DMAE 20mg Detox
Choline 100mg Lipotropic, prevents fat into liver, precursor to acetyl choline
Inositol 50mg Mental alertness
B1 15mg Releases energy from food, nerve health
B2 15mg Healthy skin and eyes, releases energy from food
B3 50mg Maintenance of skin, nerves, brain, releases energy from food
B5 125mg Synthesis of acetyl choline, adrenal health
B6 20mg Protein and fat metabolism, red blood cell/hemoglobin synthesis
B12 .5mg Nerve health, forms of anemia, synthesis of DNA
Folic Acid .4mg Red blood cell formation, protein synthesis, fat metabolism
Biotin .5mg Metabolism of amino acids, hair growth
Vitamin A 5000 IU Healthy skin, eyes, bones, hair, teeth, anti-oxidant
Magnesium 150mg Enzyme systems, heart, bones and teeth
Calcium 200mg Bone, teeth
Zinc 10mg Insulin, blood sugar control, taste and hearing, healing, enzymes
Boron 2mg Male and female hormone and calcium utilization
Copper 1mg RBC/hemoglobin formation, enzyme systems
Molybdenum .05mg Sulfur fat and nucleic acid metabolism
Manganese 5mg Muscle health
Quercitin 50mg Anti-oxidant for mucous membrane areas
Vitamin K .05mg Prevention of blood clotting
Green Tea Extract 25mg Adaptogen, anti-oxidant, Anti-Aging
Ginkgo Biloba 50mg Memory loss, depression, anti-oxidant, stimulant
Grape Seed Extract 25mg Anti-oxidant
Silymarin 50mg Liver protectant and anti-oxidant
Borage Oil, Chromium, l-glutathione, Vanadium, and Mixed Carotenoids