Whey Protein Drinks before and after Bariatric Surgery at www.LoCarbDiner.com!

New Whey Liquid Protein—24g

NEW WHEY delivers 25 grams of pure protein with no carbs or fat in a 2.9 ounce serving! Perfectly conceived convenience, consumed in as little as three seconds! With its patent pending virtually indestructible packaging, NEW WHEY can be taken anywhere conveniently and easily. No messy mixing of powders, ad no messy clean up. NEW WHEY contains NO unnecessary calories seen in “Protein Bars”! NEW WHEY is the ideal protein supplement for people on the go! Perfect for those who have had Bariatric Surgery! Available in Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch.

Cytosport Pure Protein Drink

Get your protein without the caffeine
or lactose!

  • 40 g Protein in a 20 oz. drink.
  • Perfect for those whose require high protein due to bariatric surgery.
  • Available in tangerine and tropical fruit.

100% Whey Protein; 0 g Carbs; lactose-free; sweetened with sucralose. 20 oz. bottle provides 2 servings of 20 grams of protein that you used to get with the high, caffeine coffee drinks that are so hard to find.

Are you tired of vying for the last bottle of achievONE on the web? Does it feel as though you have gotten the last one in the universe? Are you jittery from the superhuman caffeine JOLT that achievONE drinks put into your system?

achievONE drinks were never meant for consumption by those of you who have undergone Bariatric Surgery. Whether your doctor or nutritionist is aware of this, CAFFEINE is not recommended for you. Caffeine acts as a diuretic and may predispose you to dehydration; it also promotes peristalsis of the stomach muscles, which is undesirable in bypass patients.

Ultrafiltered Milk Protein Concentrate (lactose) and Colombian Coffee (caffeine) are two of the controversial ingredients in the product.

At LoCarbDiner we are carrying two new 100% whey protein products that we believe can meet your protein needs, whether you are anticipating surgery or are weeks, months or years out!


Going Through Surgery is Hard Enough Already!

Don't Add Caffeine Withdrawal to the List of Problems. Many patients that have done well from the surgery suffer severe headaches that may well be caused by caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine Withdrawal Headache has been to shown to occur in many patients who drink coffee, tea or sodas. This can happen after surgery and can be a very painful experience. Avoid this problem and stop all caffeine intake well before the surgery.

Stop caffeine consumption well before you have the operation.

If you are a regular coffee, tea, or soda drinker you should be aware that no caffeine is permitted for the first three months after surgery.

How much water or fluids should I drink?
You should drink 64 oz. of sugar-free, non-carbonated, caffeine-free fluids per day; drink it slowly, in small sips.

Why do I have to drink so much?
As you lose weight, waste products accumulate. Some of these materials form crystals, which in turn can cause kidney stones. Drinking a lot of fluids helps you get rid of these substances and promotes healthier weight loss. It also helps fill you up, and thus reduces the urge to eat between meals.

How much protein do I need?
About 50 to 65 grams daily, but since how much you need depends on your specific body, we want you to continue your appointments with the program's registered dietitians for the first year after surgery. Our program must follow how you're doing to ensure the healthiest outcome for you.

Can I have milk products?
It is probably best to avoid them. Milk has lactose – milk sugar – that passes undigested until it reaches the lower bowel. Bacteria then acts upon it, causing cramps, gas and diarrhea. Every person is different, and you'll have to see how your new system reacts. Bypass surgery can possibly result in post-surgical complications, one of them being lactose intolerance.