IdealProteinDiet.com Testimonials
I would like to tell you about my dieting experience. Going on the protein diet was a pleasure. The products are delicious, and quick and easy to prepare. The great thing is that I never felt hungry. I lost 30 pounds in ten weeks. I walked and did exercises to increase my metabolism and get back into shape. This experience has boosted my self-confidence and reminded me how important it is to take care of myself. A big thank you for your support and encouragement and for being there for me.

Suzanne B. – 2007
I was discouraged by all the diets I had tried -- there were too many requirements and gave little results. At 48 years old it was important to my health and my well being to lose weight and Ideal Protein was the key to my success.

Ideal Protein products taste good, they’re practical and mostly, at suppertime I could eat the same meal as my family according to the quantities I was allowed. I didn’t disturb anyone, there was no impact on the rest of my family.

I lost 34 pounds in 14 weeks and I felt great; I went from a size 12 to a size 6. During the diet I always had that full feeling and was in great shape. Thanks to the Ideal Protein method, I now know what good eating habits are and I have chosen to adopt it starting now and for the rest of my life; the investment and the results of the past 14 weeks merit that this new discipline that is magic and with no deprivation is my new way of life. I will always have reserves of protein packets on hand, just to please me. The little pleasure that I adopted during the diet and for when I have an urge for chocolate, it’s Ideal Protein’s caramel and peanut bar that I prefer and more so it supplies me with all the beneficial protein elements.
I must also tip my hat to my diet buddy at O'Spa who was a major important resource. She gave me all the pertinent information so I could understand the dynamics of the diet, she answered all my questions, she gave me tricks etc…, she especially encouraged me in a friendly and sincere manner and that has no price. Thanks for your professionalism and support.
Solange Valois – 2007

I am 48 years old and had been overweight for a few years with high cholesterol. After seeing my wife lose 41 lbs. in 12 weeks with the Diet, I decided to give it a whirl, especially when she was eating so well and feeling so good. I am still in amazement of losing 25 lbs. in 3 weeks! I have gone on
to lose a total of 37 lbs. in only 8 weeks without exercise! I haven’t been able to exercise because of health issues, now I feel like I can do anything. I am happy to say that my cholesterol is down which makes my wife and me very happy. For anyone who is hesitating, wait no more, I was a huge eater and was very content on this program and my energy is better than ever!

Robin Skanes - Beaverbank, Nova Scotia