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Grams Flax Nut Crunchies
Try this fabulous new granola-style cereal or snack in 3 delicious flavors. 12 oz. package with no sugar alcohols for those sensitive to maltitol. Sweetened with sucralose [Splenda].
Price: $7.49 Stock #: GG1
Grams Crm of Flax Hot Cereal
Delicious new Cream of Flax hot cereal from Grams Gourmet. Vanilla Almond flavor.
Price: $6.99 Stock #: GG4
Grams Gourmet Cinnamon Crunchies [PR]

Nutritional Information
If you loved the cinnamon crisps at Taco Bell you will really love these. Sweet and crunchy with a special blend of cinnamon and butter flavor and Splenda. Grams Gourmet Sweet Cinnamon and Butter Crunchies are so good you will never believe they are PORK RINDS!
Price: $2.99 Stock #: GG2