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  • Zero on the Glycemic Index!
  • Does Not Promote Tooth Decay!
  • Can be used by Diabetics!

The Low Carb Chef Granular Erythritol

If you have been looking for a tabletop sugar substitute that allows you to still enjoy your coffee, tea or cereals without the added carbohydrates of the currently available sugar substitutes, we have a product you will want to integrate into your daily routine!

ERYTHRITOL is a safe sugar substitute that is safer than aspartame and saccharin and tastes better and is easier to use than stevia or many other sugar substitutes widely available today!

Erythritol is one of the latest additions to the sugar alcohol category but with a couple of FANTASTIC differences First, erythritol does not have the laxative effect of most of the sugar alcohols on the market. Second, erythritol has only 5% of the calories/carbohydrates contained in sugar (Erythritol only has 2/10 of a gram of carbohydrate per teaspoon as opposed to sugar’s 4 carbs per teaspoon!) What does this mean to low carbers. Erythritol is as close to a truly ZERO CARB tabletop sweetener as you can get 2/10 of a gram of carbohydrate per TEASPOON!

Erythritol looks, tastes, and cooks like sugar and is a natural substance that exists in humans, plants, and animals. It naturally occurs in a variety of foods including mushrooms, watermelons, pears, and grapes. Erythritol is about 70% as sweet as sucrose (sugar) and has no aftertaste. It has a pleasant cooling” effect in the mouth and ranks a zero on the glycemic index.

Presently a sensation in Japan, erythritol is only just being introduced in the USA. Erythritol cannot be used by harmful bacteria or yeast in the mouth or gut. It does not promote tooth decay (like sugar), it does not put harmful bacteria or fungus in the gut and does not raise glucose or insulin levels. The FDA has rated it as a safe GRAS food ingredient that can be used 100% as a tabletop sweetener (sugar substitute). It is an excellent new choice and can be used by Diabetics or for low carbohydrate dieters!

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