Pasta and Bruschetta
have been so popular
at the Diner that Gus
has put together a combo
that is hard to resist!

(We've also talked him into revealing pasta sauce recipes containing Walden Farms Bruschetta!)

Pasta Lite Pastas
Available in 7 Cuts

Walden Farms Bruschettas
Available in Original and Pesto Flavor


Combine 1 cup of heavy cream with 1/2 cup of sour cream. Add some garlic powder, 1 T. green pepper corns, a little white wine, and sea salt. Cook slowly until mixture thickens slightly. I then add either tomato (4 T.) or pesto (2 T.) Walden Farms Bruschetta. Pretty delicious.

Be sure to cook the pasta more than the directions indicate. I usually triple the cooking time depending on the cut.

Pasta & Bruschetta
Pasta & Pesto

Combo Special only $7.99
($8.89 if purchased separately)