February 2002

LoCarbDiner Opens for Business!

We welcome you to the LoCarbDiner. We are very excited about launching our new Web Site, www.LoCarbDiner.com. We have received a great response from low-carbers, both locally and on the internet. We have been living the low-carb lifestyle for more than two years now, and we're happy to offer resources and products to help you be successful with your low-carb lifestyle.

Our brand new About Us page is ready for your viewing pleasure. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, so please click on over.

The number of products in the marketplace has expanded greatly. When we first started "counting carbs" we were not aware of the tremendous variety of products that were available. We were aware of the products that were offered through the Atkins Center — nutritional bars, shake mixes, sauces, snacks, and marinades, to name a few. We were very happy to find them, and we still enjoy them as the basis of our eating plan! But the recent success of the low-carb lifestyle (notice we avoided using the word "diet") has given rise to a vast marketplace where we can all find one satisfying product after another!

The LoCarbDiner features a broad variety of products to help you be successful in your quest to reach your weight loss and/or health goals. As we grow, we will carry an even broader variety of products for your enjoyment. If there is a product that you'd like to see us carry, we'll try our best to get it for you. Just drop us a line at information@locarbdiner. com to make your request. And as savings are passed on to us through our distributors, we'll offer specials on products that you love.

We congratulate you and wish you great success with your decision to "shave the carbs" from your daily regimen! If you are just beginning, hang in there — it just gets better and better. If you are a veteran low-carber, three cheers for you! You are an inspiration to us all. We'd love to hear your story, so why not post it on our bulletin board! You may also find some "tips" for yourself there or decide to share some of your own.

Ruth Siegel & Nina Nethery


Did You Know?

  • According to recent studies, chocolate offers the same great antioxidant properties as vegetables.
  • You can eat olives and avocados! During an Atkins Induction phase, you can have up to 10 large green olives per day, plus 1/2 of a Haas (California) avocado per day.
  • Some sugar-free candies contain "sorbitol" which will usually add at least 5g per serving to your carb count.
  • Aspartame (found in NutraSweet® and Equal®) will stimulate your body to produce more insulin, thus leading to unstable blood sugar levels, mood swings, and carbohydrate cravings. Sucralose (in Splenda®) and saccharin (in Sweet 'n Low®) will not raise insulin levels.

Great Beginnings...
Mom was Right! (Oh No!)
Breakfast really is important!

OK! You're starting your low-carb lifestyle today. So, what's for breakfast? If you like to sit and read the news in the AM, eggs (0.6g each), bacon (What? Only 0.1 grams of carbs per 3 slices?), and some Flaxomeal hot cereal (2g net carbs per serving) along with some decaf coffee or herbal tea (0g) will get your brain and body in gear for the day.

If you need to "grab 'n go," remember that a bagel (38g) and "leaded" coffee (caffeine) are OFF THE LIST! What can you do?

There are a number of nutritional bars and shakes for those of us who jump from bed, to the shower, to the car.

We highly recommend the Atkins Advantage Bars, Ultimate LoCarb2 Bars, and Doctor's LowCarb Diet Bars as meal replacement options. You can study and compare the nutritional content by clicking on the links under the product pictures in our online Product Catalog.

All of the bars taste just fabulous! Nina's favorite is the Atkins Advantage Chocolate Mocha Crunch bar. Ruth has been munching away on the Ultimate LoCarb2 Chocolate Smores Supreme bars. Every day, Ruth says, "I gotta have my Smores bar!" We'll have to be careful that she doesn't eat up our inventory because ....

Blue Plate Special: Has expired. Check out our current Blue Plate Special from our home page.