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Maine Cottage Summit Blends at LoCarbDiner.com!

Native Energy—
Absolutely No Added Sugar
of Any Kind!

Generous amounts of Luscious, Low Carb chocolate chunks, the crunchiest nuts and deliciously intense fruit and berries make our new Signature Summit Blends perfection. These super premium, no-sugar-added blends are beautifully packaged so that, in addition to being a rich reward for yourself, you can use them as presents or to bring to a gathering to make sure there is something safely sweet for fellow carb conscious and diabetic guests.

The good sweetness of Summit Blends is provided by our sugar free chocolate chunks and the natural fructose (GI of 23) present in the fruits and berries. The fruits and berries have absolutely nothing added. The only change is that the water has been removed, which leaves an intense, natural flavor worlds better than the sugary, dried fruit flavor in conventional trail mixes.

. . . for Energy with No Added Sugar!


THREE SISTERS Nutrition Facts: Almond pieces, Dark Chocolate Chunks, and dehydrated raspberries. Whether the North, Middle or South, this Blend will gratify you. 3.6 g net carbs per ounce. 3 oz. net weight. Gluten-free.


DENALI Nutrition Facts: Whole, organic macadamia nuts, Chocolate Chunks, and unsweetened, shaved coconut. "Denali" (The High One) is the Native (Athabascan) American word for Mount McKinley and is North America's Summit. It is absolutely spectacular! 1.5 g net carbs per ounce with Milk Chocolate Chunks. 3 oz. net weight. Gluten-free.


MAUNA KEA Nutrition Facts: Aloha! Whole, organic macadamia nuts, Milk Chocolate Chunks, and golden nuggets of dehydrated pineapple. Looking for stars? 3.5 g net carbs per ounce. 3 oz. net weight.Gluten-free.


SNOWMASS Nutrition Facts: Almond pieces, Dark Chocolate Chunks and dehydrated strawberries. What a beautiful 14-ner. Get your crampons and ice axes - it's not just Aspen. 3.5 g net carbs per ounce. 3 oz. net weight. Gluten-free.