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Bullet 1 Chocolate Sweet Treats 
Bullet 2 Other Sweet Treats 
Bullet 3 Gum/Mints/Snacks 
Bullet 4 Sauces/Soups/Dressings 
Bullet 5 Syrups/Toppings 
  Bullet 1 Supplements/Diet Aids 
Bullet 2 Books/References 
Bullet 3 Gifts/Gift Boxes 
Bullet 4 Kosher Products 

What is the

Who will benefit
from the

Healthy, Natural & Effective Weight Loss with Long-Lasting Results

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What Foods are
on the Plan?

Poultry, Meat & Fish
Vegetables & Salad
Ideal Protein Packets!

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• If you have trouble losing weight . . .
• If you have experienced “Yo-Yo” dieting
• If you want to lose weight in a healthy way
• If you are diabetic
• If you have special health concerns
• If you want to eliminate cellulite

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