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LoCarbDiner Affiliate Program

Do you have a website that's related to low carbohydrate dieting or healthy living? By adding a link on your site to our site, you can make some extra money when you refer new customers to us.

For each new customer that reaches our site by clicking through from your site, you will receive 15% of the customer's total order amount, up to $15.00 per order.

In any calendar month when your referred orders total $500 or more, we will pay you 20% that month, up to $20.00 per order.

Let's say, for example, that you have a testimonial site where you tell the story of your own personal low carb journey. On your site, you include some text inviting your visitors to order products from your favorite online store, LoCarbDiner.com. Right below your text will be our graphic logo with the specially-formatted link built in. We'll provide you with the HTML code to use for the graphic and the link. This special HTML code includes the tracking information for crediting you with each sale.

When your visitor clicks through from your site to ours and places an order, the order amount is automatically assigned to your Affiliate ID. For example, if Mary places an order for $85.00 worth of products, you would earn $12.75! (If Mary's order amount is more than $100, you would earn the maximum amount of $15.00.)

Payouts will be made to you by check each time your earnings meet or exceed $50.00.

Bullet 1 Chocolate Sweet Treats 
Bullet 2 Other Sweet Treats 
Bullet 3 Gum/Mints/Snacks 
Bullet 4 Sauces/Soups/Dressings 
Bullet 5 Syrups/Toppings 
  Bullet 1 Supplements/Diet Aids 
Bullet 2 Books/References 
Bullet 3 Gifts/Gift Boxes 
Bullet 4 Kosher Products